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AI phone answering for enterprise

Provide 24/7 humanlike phone support using artificial intelligence. 

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73% of callers don't realize they're speaking with an AI

Phonely leads the way in humanlike AI voice conversation with a comprehensive platform that makes training an AI phone a job that is completed in a matter of minutes.

Phonely interacts with your software just like you would

Let Phonely connect with your software so that it can… reset passwords, answer questions or schedule appointments just like a human would 

Improve company performance and customer experience

Keep tabs on what your customers are asking about with Phonely’s AI summaries, analysis and transcription capability.  

Cut your contact center costs in half

Reduce your overhead and and administrative burden with Phonely’s centralized platform and pay for what you use pricing. 

Give your phone lines an upgrade


simultaneous phone calls


average agent response time


software Phonely integrates with


languages Phonely can speak


time your customers spend on hold


when you’re phones will be answered

Built to scale with your organization

Effortless integration with existing phone systems

Manage calls seamlessly, streamline customer interactions, and enhance business communication with Phonely’s AI-powered phone service.

Consider Phonely part of your team

All in one system

From inbound call answering to outbound appointment setting, Phonely can do it all.

Scale customer support instantly

Handles calls reliably, never forgetting information or needing a break.

Customized to your brand

Tailor the voice, accent, language to match your business

Priority support

Enjoy 24/7 support with Phonely’s engineers and a designated contact line

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“Phonely’s platform is makes it super easy to set up a AI receptionist, plus their technology is the fastest we’ve seen.”


CEO, Alliance BPO Services

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