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Cut your clinics time on the phone in half

Phonely’s AI phone assistant provides your clients with 24/7 customer support, tailored for your business. Streamline appointment scheduling, expedite your clinic’s processes, improve client satisfaction, and cultivate superior care for more successful outcomes, all informed by our rich, pre-existing knowledge base on veterinary practices.

Vet AI Answering Services


Less time spent on the phone by your staff


Of consumers have hung up from an IVR system


Of consumers placed on hold hang up after 60 seconds


Create your competitive advantage

Convert more inquiries into client visits, maintain communication with pet owners, integrate with your practice management tools, and achieve your clinic’s service goals informed by Phonely’s expansive pre-trained information on veterinary practices.

Easy Scheduling Ahead

Phonely's features for Veterinarian Clinics

Be available 24/7

Enhance client communication confidently

Improve client interactions by being available when they need you. Turn on Phonely when your out of hours, or let it be your full time receptionist to ensure you never miss a call.

Customize Phonely

Learn your practice in minutes

Just paste your practice URL to get started. Phonely automatically learns important information from your practice and learns from every conversation.


Leverage pet-specific AI intelligence

Track, monitor and learn from your customers. Phonely’s AI’s, comprehensive dashboard displays important metrics like call volume, times, frequently asked questions so that you can spend more time on doing what your business does best.

happy customer of Vet AI Answering Services

Never Miss an Appointment

Automatic SMS and phone follow-ups

Automate notifications and send timely reminders to reduce no-shows. Automate checkin tasks and questions so your team can spend more time helping customers.

Connect with your software

Save time on administrative tasks. Connect Phonely with your practice management software to set the bar for advanced veterinary client care.

“Phonely has become an integral part of how we manage our clientele. It has reduced our time on the phone by 50% and our clients love the 24/7 support.”

Customer Aproval

Dr. Joe Bodavis

Owner, All Creatures Veterinary Clinic


Be the first point of contact
when pet owners need you the most


Missed connections due to:


93% of clinics report improved client satisfaction.

Support your veterinary practice with Phonely's industry-specific knowledge:

Customer Aproval

"We would alwys get slammed with calls in the mornings. Phonely has been a huge help in reducing callers asking about FAQ's."

Alex Johnson
Clinic Manager, CityVet Clinic


Give your staff a break with Phonely's automatic scheduling and phone answering

Instant call handling

Emergency call prioritization

Appointment management

Payment processing

Data analytics and insights

Frequently Asked Questions about Phonely for Veterinary Services

At Phonely, we offer more than just call answering; we provide an AI-driven phone support solution tailored to veterinary practices. Our service includes handling calls, scheduling appointments, patient follow-ups, and integrating with your veterinary management software. Phonely charges based on successful outcomes—such as booked appointments—ensuring our services align with the success and growth of your clinic.

We operate on the premise that you should only pay for tangible results. For veterinary clinics, this means you are only charged when appointments are booked through Phonely's system. This approach ensures our AI phone support is a cost-effective solution for your practice.

Yes, Phonely's AI phone support is available 24/7. Emergencies with pets don’t just happen during regular business hours - we ensure that your clients can always reach out and receive prompt, professional assistance any time of the day or night.

Absolutely. Our advanced AI technology is designed to integrate with a wide array of practice management tools, meaning all activities, including call details and appointment scheduling, are logged accurately and in real-time, enhancing efficiency and continuity of care.

Hiring an in-house team can be expensive when you consider the full cost of employment:

- **Average in-house receptionist salary:** Approximately $30,000 to $35,000 annually.

- **Additional costs** can include employee benefits such as health insurance (around $6,000/year), retirement contributions (up to $3,000/year), paid leave (est. $4,000/year), training expenses, and more.

- **Operational expenses** like office space and equipment also add up.

- **Total Cost, Including Salary:** Could surpass $50,000 to $60,000 per year.


Comparatively, Phonely’s AI receptionist costs are directly tied to the number of appointments booked, with no salaries or benefits to consider. This makes it a scalable, cost-effective solution, especially for clinics experiencing variability in call volume and appointment bookings.


- **Cost with Phonely:** You pay a predetermined fee only when an appointment is successfully booked.

- **Potential Savings:** Can be significant when factoring in the reduction of overhead and employment-related expenses.


Additionally, by using Phonely, veterinary clinics can enjoy 24/7 service availability, ensuring no call goes unanswered, no matter when it comes in.


Considering this, Phonely serves as a reliable extension of your practice, providing consistent quality service that adjusts to your clinic's workflow and demand without the substantial fixed costs associated with hiring in-house staff.


To explore the advantages of Phonely for your veterinary clinic and receive tailored pricing based on your specific needs, please get in touch with us for a personalized demonstration and consultation. Experience how Phonely can help save costs, improve efficiency, and ensure the best care for your patients.

Phonely is a sophisticated AI phone support system specifically optimized for veterinary practices. Our AI receptionist excels in a range of tasks such as efficiently booking appointments, handling patient follow-ups, providing information about your services, and ensuring seamless communication during both peak and off hours.

Unlike traditional receptionist services, Phonely believes in providing value first, charging only when results are delivered—specifically, for booked appointments. There are no flat fees or hidden costs. Our goal is to ensure that our service pays for itself by increasing your practice’s efficiency and patient appointments. To save on costs, you can subscribe to a monthly booking model and save up to 50% off of the price per booked appointment. Any unused credits automatically roll over to the next month, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling too little.

Yes, Phonely's AI receptionists understand the critical nature of veterinary calls and are programmed to identify emergencies, offering immediate engagement and prompt call routing to ensure that every urgent situation receives the attention it needs quickly and efficiently.

Phonely's AI is designed to be highly conversational and is capable of providing personalized interactions. It learns from every conversation to better assist and guide patients, helping your practice to build stronger relationships. However, due to privacy reasons we always suggest that your AI announces itself as an AI first.

Clinics using Phonely often report improved operational efficiency due to the AI’s ability to handle a high volume of routine administrative tasks. With increased appointment bookings and fewer missed calls, your team can focus on providing the best care for pets, while Phonely aids in your clinic's growth and client satisfaction.

Privacy and data security are Phonely's top priorities. Our system employs state-of-the-art encryption and complies with industry privacy standards to protect your practice and patient data, giving you peace of mind. All of our practices are HIPPA compliant so you can rest assured that your data will be appropriately managed. 

Setting up Phonely for your clinic is fast and simple. Just provide your clinic's URL, and our AI system will begin learning specific details about your services and the needs of your clientele. With minimal setup required, you’ll have a powerful AI receptionist at your service in no time.

You will receive comprehensive analytics through Phonely’s dashboard, offering insights into call volume, the nature of inquiries, and other vital statistics. This information helps optimize your clinic's services and ensures you never miss a beat when caring for your client's pets.

Yes, our AI system is highly scalable and can manage large volumes of calls without compromising service quality. Whether it's routine call management or responding to increased demand, Phonely ensures that your clinic is always connected and responsive to your clients.

Phonely's AI receptionist is designed to convert inquiries into appointments efficiently and to enhance customer satisfaction with personalized and prompt attention. By acting as an extension of your clinic, Phonely helps foster positive experiences that contribute to patient loyalty and clinic reputation.

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