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Enhance Your Real Estate Business with AI Support

Phonely brings a cutting-edge AI assistant to real estate professionals. Focus on closing deals and showing properties while Phonely handles your calls 24/7. Our AI assistants book showings, qualifies leads, logs call details directly into your system, and even collects payments. Experience seamless integration and superior client interaction, all powered by our comprehensive real estate knowledge base

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Of consumers expect an immediate response to sales inquiries


Of lead generation budgets are wasted on leads never contacted


Of marketing leads never convert into sales


Build your network efficiently

Convert leads into clients, maintain continuous communication with prospects, and improve operational efficiency with Phonely, designed specifically for real estate needs

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Streamlined Real Estate Transactions

Phonely features for Real Estate Agents


Enhance client relations with constant availability

Maximize your availability to ensure you never miss a call. Activate Phonely during off-hours or make it your full-time receptionist to guarantee continuous engagement with clients

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Customize Phonely

Personalize your AI to match your brand

Simply input your real estate agency’s URL to get started. Phonely automatically learns crucial details about your listings and continues to lean with every interaction


Empower your real estate operations with targeted AI insights

Track and evaluate client interactions with Phonely’s comprehensive analytics dashboard. View call volumes, engagement times, enquiry specifics, and more, allowing you to focus on selling properties more effectively

Real estate Ai answering service boosts efficiency
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Automatic notifications and smart follow-ups

Enhance your lead engagement with automated reminders and followups. Our interactive text and calls functions mean you can stay in touch with your clients through all stages of the sales process

Connect with your tools

Simplify administrative tasks

Integrate Phonely with your CRM and digital tools for a holistic approach to modern real estate services

“Phonely has completely transformed the way we interact with our clients. It’s like having a tech-savvy assistant who really knows the real estate market—our clients appreciate the uninterrupted support.”

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Ms. Linda Gray

Managing Director, Dream Homes Realty


Become the preferred realtor with Phonely's AI support


Challenges faced:


97% of realtors report enhanced client satisfaction.

Elevate your real estate business with Phonely's tailored services:

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"Phonely has not only streamlined our call management but also fortified our client relationships. The AI assistants are so natural and personable, which was a pleasant surprise. And our clients love the seamless, human-like support "

Jake Fuller
Sales Director, Metro Properties


Automate and enhance your real estate dealings with targeted CRM integration

Instant call handling

Urgent inquiry prioritization

Property viewing management

Client relationship management

Market analysis and trends

Frequently Asked Questions about Phonely for Real Estate

Phonely enhances real estate operations by managing inquiries about property listings, scheduling property viewings, providing information on real estate processes, and improving response times to potential buyers and sellers, allowing agents to concentrate on closing deals.

Phonely efficiently manages tasks including appointment scheduling for viewings, answering frequently asked questions about properties, guiding customers through the documentation process, and relaying important messages to agents.

Yes, using Phonely can be significantly more economical as it eliminates the costs associated with salaries, benefits, and training of full-time staff while offering seamless 24/7 service, reducing overhead and increasing profitability.

Absolutely, Phonely operates 24/7, ensuring that no inquiries are missed, which is crucial in the real estate industry where timely responses can be the difference between making and losing a sale.

Phonely communicates in a professional and conversational manner. It can be programmed to disclose its AI nature, maintaining transparency with clients while delivering consistent, informative interactions.

Real estate agencies will experience greater operational efficiencies, reduced client wait times, minimization of missed opportunities, and enhanced client engagement, all leading to improved service quality and potentially higher conversion rates.

Phonely utilizes advanced encryption techniques and complies with industry standards for data security, ensuring that all client interactions and sensitive data are protected with high-level security measures.

Integrating Phonely involves setting it up with your agency’s property management systems, client service protocols, and aligning it with existing CRM platforms to ensure seamless functionality and data consistency.

Phonely is equipped with a customized knowledge base relevant to the real estate industry and is continuously updated with your specific agency’s listings and services, guaranteeing precise and relevant responses to client queries.

Phonely is designed to handle multiple calls simultaneously, which means it can effortlessly manage high call volumes during peak periods, ensuring every customer is attended to promptly.

Phonely features robust analytics and reporting tools that allow agencies to monitor interaction quality, client satisfaction, and service efficiency, providing valuable insights for ongoing service enhancements.

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