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Elevate Your Firm's Communication Capabilities

Experience unparalleled communication management with Phonely’s AI receptionists, designed to handle your public relations firm’s needs. Our service provides 24/7 availability for calls and queries, ensuring no opportunity is missed. Streamline lead capture, appointment bookings, and payment collections while receiving detailed call analytics to foster better decision-making and enhance your firm’s reputation management.

AI Answering Service for Public Relations Firms


Of consumers expect an immediate response to a sales inquiry


Of lead generation budgets are wasted on uncontacted leads


Of marketing leads never convert into sales


Create a Competitive Edge for Your Firm

Convert more inquiries into successful client relations, keep engagement high with ongoing communication, and integrate seamlessly with your operational tools. Phonely’s sophisticated algorithms are informed by an expansive dataset tailored specifically for public relations contexts.

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Seamless Communication

Phonely's features for Public Relations Firms


Enhance communication strategies confidently

Ensure your public relations firm remains at the forefront of client engagement by using Phonely as your around-the-clock receptionist. Automated yet personalised handling of calls to ensure you never miss a beat.

24/7 Availability for PR Firm Calls
Answering Service for Public Relations Firm

Customize Phonely

Adapt quickly to public relations demands

Simply input your firm’s URL to begin. Phonely tailors its functionality to learn key information from your site and optimizes continuously from each interaction.


Deploy PR-specific AI capabilities

Monitor and refine your client interactions with Phonely’s intuitive dashboard, showcasing essential metrics like engagement rates, media outreach success, and client sentiment to amplify your firm’s media influence.

Enhance Reputation Management with Detailed Analytics


Automatic follow-ups and event reminders

: Automate critical notifications and send timely alerts for upcoming press releases and media events. Connect Phonely with your PR management tools to set new standards in public relations efficiency and client service.

Connect with your tools

Save time on administrative tasks. Connect Phonely with your workshop management software to set the bar for advanced carpentry client care.

“With Phonely, our PR activities have become more dynamic and measurable. It’s like having a data-driven assistant who knows the ins and outs of public relations.”

Alice Monroe

Senior PR Consultant, Dynamic Relations Firm


Transform how you engage with media and clients


Missed media opportunities due to:


95% of firms report enhanced client relations.

Empower your PR firm with Phonely's tailored solutions:

"Phonely has not only helped us manage the surge in project consultations but also enhanced our client's trust in our craftsmanship with its deep understanding of carpentry services."

Lisa Green
Chief Communications Officer, Prime Media PR


Maximize your public relations with bespoke technology CRM integration

Instant response to enquiries

Media engagement enhancement

Event scheduling precision

Press release coordination

Analytics and performance insights

Frequently Asked Questions about Phonely for Public Relations Firms Services

Phonely enhances efficiency within public relations firms by managing routine inquiries, allowing PR professionals to focus on strategic communication and client relationship building. Its AI capabilities ensure swift and accurate responses, fostering a professional image for your firm.

Phonely specializes in managing press inquiries, scheduling media interviews, automating responses to common public relations questions, coordinating with team members, and updating clients on campaign progress, making it an indispensable tool for dynamic PR environments.

Indeed, implementing Phonely can be more cost-effective than hiring traditional reception staff. It provides 24/7 service without requiring salaries or benefits and minimizes human error, ensuring financial efficiency and reliability.

Yes, Phonely operates 24/7, ensuring that your public relations firm never misses important communications, especially during critical news cycles or PR crises, providing support whenever it is needed.

Phonely interacts naturally, but it can be programmed to disclose its AI nature to ensure transparency. This maintains trust and clarity in communications with your clients and stakeholders.

Public relations firms can anticipate significant improvements in handling client and media inquiries, reduced response times, increased accuracy in information relayed, and decreased operational costs, leading to enhanced overall satisfaction and efficiency.

Phonely employs advanced encryption and complies with industry standards for data protection, guaranteeing that sensitive client and campaign information remains secure against unauthorized access.

Integration involves configuring Phonely with your firm’s communication protocols, media contact databases, and existing CRM systems to ensure seamless functionality and interoperability.

Phonely is equipped with a constantly updated knowledge base relevant to public relations, enabling it to provide timely and contextually appropriate responses, crucial for maintaining the firm’s reputation and effectiveness.

Phonely is designed to manage multiple inquiries simultaneously, ensuring that no call or message is missed during high-traffic periods, which is vital during major PR campaigns or crises.

Phonely includes comprehensive analytics and reporting tools that allow firms to track performance, client interaction quality, and system efficacy, facilitating continuous improvements in communication strategies.

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