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Transform Your Cleaning Business with AI Receptionists

Phonely, an AI receptionist designed for your cleaning business. It answers customer questions, schedules appointments, automates reminders and follow-up messages, and provides actionable analytics, 24/7—all for a fraction of the cost of a physical receptionist

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Of consumers expect an immediate response to a sales inquiry


Of marketing leads never convert into sales


Of lead generation budgets are wasted on uncontacted leads


Drive your cleaning business into the future

By eliminating missed calls and providing around-the-clock support, you’ll not only recapture lost revenue but also boost customer satisfaction by promptly addressing queries and requests

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Responsive 24/7 Service

Phonely solutions for Cleaning Companies

Fully customizable

As you want, when you need

Infinite customisation. Choose from over 100 voices, customize its tone of voice and tell it how you want your customers to be greeted. Utilise Phonely as a 24/7 receptionist or have it manage after hours calls

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optimizing cleaning services with Phonely Ai Answering services


Set Phonely up in minutes

Simply copy-paste your business URL to get started. Phonely will automatically learn your business from your website, and continue to learn with every interaction


Advance with actionable insights from every interaction

Monitor, analyze, and respond based on comprehensive data compiled by Phonely’s AI. From call volume and client preferences to team performance metrics. Empower your business to thrive with informed decisions

response and automate follow ups


Automated reminders and follow-ups

Automate reminders and follow-ups to optimize your schedule. Let Phonely handle the routine so your team can focus more on providing excellent cleaning services

Streamline operations with integrated technology

Connect Phonely with your existing software to elevate and streamline your operations

“Phonely has become indispensable. I’ve been able to book more jobs than ever and it’s all done for me. ”

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Ms. Linda Greene

Director, Sparkle Cleaning Services


Become the ultimate responsive cleaning service


Missed opportunities due to:


Amplified customer satisfaction reported by 93% of cleaning companies.

Supercharge your cleaning service with Phonely’s specialized tools:

cleaning company owner

"Phonely’s comprehensive service has elevated our client engagement, significantly boosting our operational effectiveness."

Tom Barkley
Operations Manager, CleanMate


Elevate and scale your cleaning service with targeted CRM integration

Instant lead response

Service prioritization

Efficient scheduling

Seamless payment transactions

In-depth client analytics

Frequently Asked Questions about Phonely for Cleaning Services

AI answering services like Phonely offer 24/7 client support, managing bookings and inquiries even during off-hours or busy periods. This ensures that cleaning services never miss a booking opportunity and can deliver superior customer service continuously.

Phonely can efficiently schedule cleaning appointments, answer common questions about cleaning procedures and pricing, alert cleaners to schedule changes, and handle cancellations or rescheduling, all through AI-driven interactions.

Yes, utilizing Phonely for AI answering saves on the costs associated with full-time staff such as salaries, training, and benefits. It also enhances operational efficiencies by reducing the margin for human errors and handling multiple inquiries simultaneously.

Absolutely, Phonely is designed to operate round the clock, ensuring that your cleaning service is responsive to emergency cleaning requests at any hour, thereby boosting your business’s reliability and customer satisfaction.

Phonely is engineered to communicate naturally and professionally, but it can be customized to inform customers that they are speaking with an AI, maintaining transparency and building trust.

Cleaning companies can anticipate enhanced scheduling efficiency, minimized downtime, increased booking rates, and superior customer engagement, all leading to improved service delivery and customer retention.

Phonely employs advanced encryption techniques and complies with data protection regulations to secure all client communications and sensitive information, ensuring it remains confidential and safe from unauthorized access.

Integration typically involves connecting Phonely to your existing customer management and scheduling systems to ensure seamless communication and data synchronization.

Phonely’s knowledge base is customized with detailed information about cleaning services and processes, regularly updated to align with your specific business offerings and industry standards, ensuring targeted and relevant responses.

No, Phonely is built to manage numerous customer interactions simultaneously, offering scalable communication solutions particularly beneficial during peak periods or promotional campaigns.

Phonely provides detailed analytics and reporting tools that enable you to monitor interaction quality, client satisfaction, and operational effectiveness, helping you refine your customer service and marketing strategies over time.

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