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Transform your dental practice’s patient engagement & streamline operations. Phonely’s AI-assisted phone support brings unparalleled service to patients 24/7, enhancing appointment management, streamlining office procedures, increasing patient satisfaction, and providing superior care informed by our thorough understanding of the dental industry.


Of consumers placed on hold hang up after 60 seconds


Of consumers have hung up from an IVR system


of customers who receive excellent service spend up to 14% more

Effortless Appointment Management

Phonely's capabilities for Dental Practices

Be accessible 24/7

Elevate patient experience with assured availability

Activate Phonely after hours or employ it as your dedicated receptionist to ensure you never miss a patient’s call, arming your practice with continuous support.


Customized interactions at every touchpoint

Phonely’s AI is designed to personalize every call, remembering past interactions, making patients feel acknowledged and valued. This personalized approach deepens the relationship between your dental practice and its patients.


Tailored to your Dental Practice

Just insert your dental practice’s URL to start. Phonely instantly acquires essential details from your website and will learn about your practices and get better over time.


Harness dental-specific AI insights

Analyze and respond to patient needs better. Phonely’s AI has been pre-trained on dental information so it can help answer your FAQ’s better. As time goes on Phonely learns your practices questions and improves its responses automatically. 


Ensure every potential patient is reached

Avoid losing patients due to missed calls. With Phonely, you guarantee every patient inquiry is addressed, improving the likelihood of transforming calls into appointments. Our AI’s seamless communication ensures your practice is operational during busy periods and after hours.


Guarantee critical information is never overlooked

Emergencies require an immediate response. Phonely’s AI recognizes the urgency, routing calls to the nearest  emergency practice, ensuring prompt attention to pressing dental concerns, and reassuring patients that their emergencies are a top priority.


Automate general patient inquiries

Liberate your staff from common, repetitive questions. Phonely can handle inquiries about practice hours, services, or general dental advice, allowing your team to dedicate more effort to direct patient care and significant duties.

Frequently Asked Questions about Phonely for Dental Services

Hiring in-house support staff can be costly, and the commitment goes beyond just a salary. Here’s a breakdown of the expenses you might expect with an in-house receptionist:


- The average salary nationwide for an in-house receptionist is around $37,000.

- Benefits often include medical, dental, and vision insurance, costing about $11,000/year.

- Other costs may include life and disability insurance (about $2,000/year), retirement plans (about $2,000/year), paid leave (about $5,500/year), commuting subsidies (about $5,000/year), child care support (about $3,000/year), wellness programs (about $1,000/year), bonuses (about $2,000/year), and more.

- This doesn't account for operational costs such as space, equipment, training, turnover, or non-productive hours.

- Total Cost, Including Salary: can exceed $77,000/year.


In contrast, Phonely's AI receptionist service operates on a performance-based billing model, where you pay only for successful outcomes - for dental practices, this often means booked appointments. There are no salaries, no benefits, and no overhead expenses, making Phonely a cost-effective alternative to traditional reception services.


Furthermore, with Phonely, unexpected absences like sick days, holidays, or personal leaves don't impact your practice's ability to communicate effectively with patients. Unlike human receptionists, Phonely's AI is always on, providing consistent, reliable service.


To illustrate the potential savings and added value more clearly:


- **Cost with Phonely:** Variable based on the number of successful outcomes (booked appointments) at a set fee.

- **Potential Savings:** Comparing the performance-based fee to the total cost of employing a receptionist, including benefits and indirect costs, practices can save $40,000+ each year.


Investing in Phonely not only cuts down on costs but also enables your practice to capture more leads outside of regular office hours, which can convert to increased revenue and a better patient experience.


Experience our scalable, dependable, and cost-effective AI phone support with a trial to see firsthand how much your practice could save and grow with Phonely. Contact us today for a personalized demonstration and pricing tailored to your practice's specific needs.

Phonely isn't just an answering service; it's a full-fledged AI-powered phone support system designed especially for dental practices. Our AI receptionists are proficient in handling a variety of tasks beyond just picking up phone calls. They can manage appointment scheduling, patient follow-ups, and answer questions about your business. You can customize exactly how the AI interacts with your customers, by selecting a voice, choosing a tone, and providing the Ai feedback on its previous interactions with customers.

Unlike traditional receptionist services, Phonely believes in providing value first, charging only when results are delivered—specifically, for booked appointments. There are no flat fees or hidden costs. Our goal is to ensure that our service pays for itself by increasing your practice’s efficiency and patient appointments. To save on costs, you can subscribe to a monthly booking model and save up to 50% off of the price per booked appointment. Any unused credits automatically roll over to the next month, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling too little.

Yes! Phonely’s AI receptionists are available 24/7, ensuring that your patients always receive immediate engagement, whether for urgent dental issues or routine inquiries. This service ensures that you capture every potential client, even after your office has closed for the day.

Phonely's AI is designed to be highly conversational and is capable of providing personalized interactions. It learns from every conversation to better assist and guide patients, helping your practice to build stronger relationships. However, due to privacy reasons we always suggest that your AI announces itself as an AI first. 

Dental practices using Phonely often report increased appointment bookings and improved patient retention rates, with the AI handling administrative tasks so your team can focus on providing excellent dental care. By optimizing the patient intake process and minimizing missed opportunities, Phonely can significantly contribute to your practice’s growth and revenue.

Privacy and data security are Phonely's top priorities. Our system employs state-of-the-art encryption and complies with industry privacy standards to protect your practice and patient data, giving you peace of mind. All of our practices are HIPPA compliant so you can rest assured that your data will be appropriately managed.

Getting started with Phonely is streamlined and hassle-free. Just provide us with your dental practice's URL, and our AI system will quickly learn the specifics of your services. There is no need for lengthy setups or complex script writing. Plus, you can test out Phonely risk-free to ensure it suits your practice's needs perfectly.

Phonely's AI receptionist is pre-trained with extensive knowledge about the dental industry and will become tailored to your practice through interactions and learning from your website. The system is built to handle a wide range of queries with the correct information, providing your patients with knowledgeable responses.

There is no limit to the number of calls Phonely can handle. Our AI receptionist can scale to manage any call volume, ensuring that you’ll never miss an opportunity to assist a patient, regardless of how busy your practice gets.

Phonely provides detailed call summaries and analytics through its dashboard. You’ll have access to real-time data about call volumes, patient inquiries, and other key metrics to help you make informed decisions about your dental practice’s operations and patient services.

Phonely’s AI is designed to personalize every call, remembering past interactions, making patients feel acknowledged and valued. This personalized approach deepens the relationship between your dental practice and its patients.